Romeo and Juliet

The 8pm performance on Monday July 22 will be signed. Please call the box office on 01736 810181 or email [email protected] for information.

Shakespeare’s timeless tale of love and hate is revived for the here and now, in this vivid and vibrant production by award winning Moving Stories Theatre Company.

Set against the backdrop of rural English May Day celebrations, on the cusp of spring where hope is refreshed, spirits are high and hearts are open – ready to receive and deceive our fated star crossed-lovers. With live original folk music, modern design and heart-breaking performances, this production promises to stir your heart and soul and invites us all to ask the question, what would we do for true love?

The production is abridged and adapted to best suit our open-air audiences, for whom we promise to create an enchanted and magical summer’s evening with Shakespeare’s best loved play.

Suitable for age 8 and above (parental discretion advised)

No more tickets available.