Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

David Mynne 28 Jun 2021 - 1 Jul 2021
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This is Chaucer… but not as you’ve ever seen it. Revered as one of the most important works in English literature, ‘The Canterbury Tales’ paints an ironic and critical portrait of English society in the Middle Ages.

All of life is here in these few bawdy, funny, serious and sometimes shocking, short stories. Experience a journey down the foul and fetid footpaths of fourteenth-century England, told with David Mynne’s usual irreverence, wit and silliness!

In this one-man performance, there will be medieval naughtiness and nonsense! There may be tights and a codpiece! There will, no doubt, be some fourteenth century swearing! Let’s party like it’s 1387!

About David Mynne

David is a founder member of Kneehigh and worked with the company - as a performer, maker and graphic designer - on and off until 'retiring' in 2012 after an extensive international tour of 'The Red Shoes'. He returned to Kneehigh in 2017/18 to tour 'FUP', playing a centenarian Cornish reprobate!    

In 2013 David created his first solo show; Charles Dickens' 'Great Expectations'. Working with director Simon Harvey (o-region/Kneehigh) they developed an original style of story-telling that is exciting, accessible and easy to tour. Since then they have written and created, together, three further one-man shows: Bram Stoker's 'Dracula!', Homer's 'The Odyssey' and Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'.   

David tours his work nationally and internationally, with 'Great Expectations' and 'A Christmas Carol' having successful runs in Los Angeles. His work is adaptable to fit most spaces: he performs in village halls, churches, barns, pubs, cellars, fields, gardens, parks etc., as well as traditional theatres and arts centres. 

Last year he was working with Simon on a new show', but less than two weeks before it was due to open the country went into lockdown and 'The Canterbury Tales' never got told. When lockdown was lifted and theatres began to slowly open again he was approached by the Minack with the idea of performing one of his shows. The rules had changed and social distancing was necessary, so a one-man show was an ideal choice. 'Great Expectations' was rehearsed and a successful week of shows followed. David performed at the Minack again, in late December, with 'A Christmas Carol' being watched by brave audiences wrapped up in the face of the Cornish winter weather! 


This event is being sold in accordance with current social distancing guidelines.  Should government guidance on social distancing change prior to the date of the performance, we reserve the right to release additional tickets for the event.  All ticket holders will be informed, should this take place.  If you no longer wish to attend the event because social distancing does not apply, you will be entitled to a refund of your ticket price on request.