People's String Foundation

8th Oct 2021 7:00pm

The People's String Foundation mix passionate theatrics with an Urban Gypsy sound. Led by Ben Sutcliffe (Composer and Musical Director for Kneehigh Theatre and The Minack Theatre) whose virtuoso violin styles have landed him to play with the likes of Ralph McTell, The Levellers, Carleen Anderson and The Stranglers. Mixing artisan flavours with world grooves the People's String Foundation encompass a grass roots philosophy, working with the community to promote local music and arts as well as touring the Festival and Theatre circuits.  In this bespoke performance for the Minack Theatre Ben and Zaid Al-Rikabi are inviting some of the leading string players from all over the south west to join them on stage - not to mention some special guests! 

The People's String Foundation is one of the great wonders of the West - Stonking, earthy, organic, delicate, and barn-storming.” - Charles Hazlewood - conductor and composer

Visit the People's String Foundation Website.