Will Keating - Cornwall My Home

Cornwall My Home 17 Aug 2020, 7:00pm

Cornish Folk songs delivered with passion and presence, honesty and intensity.  A delightful insight into Cornwall’s rich history and heritage.  Will Keating’s velvety tones will set you on a roller coaster of emotions that will bring a tear to your eye, singing along and tapping your feet. 

Will Keating will be performing traditional Cornish Folk favourites as well as songs from his highly acclaimed debut solo album, Cornwall My Home (Kernow Ow Thre).  This will be an exceptional one-off evening of entertainment at Cornwall’s most iconic venue.

Simply a night to remember!

For your comfort and safety

All performances will run without an interval. 

All our performances will be relaxed, so you are free to leave your seat at any time during the show to visit the toilets or purchase refreshments. If you do leave your seat during the performance, we ask you to cover your face as you may briefly pass near to other audience members.

Minack padded seats will not be available to hire for performances, but you are welcome to bring your own cushion.