Explore Afternoons

13th Nov 2021 1:30pm

A fun filled 5 afternoon course, to continue children’s engagement in the arts.

Arts Award Explore is an Entry Level 3 qualification. Arts Award Explore encourages children to take ownership and pride in their own learning. The course will expand on the creative learning children took part in during Arts Award Discover. The children will try new arts, find out about artists and arts organisations, plan and complete an art project, and present their Explore journey in their own creative way.

What is Arts Award?

Arts Award is a series of qualifications accredited by Trinity College, London.  There are 5 levels:

  1. Discover- The start of an arts adventure
  2. Explore- An entry level 3 qualification
  3. Bronze- Level 1 qualification, age 11+
  4. Silver- Level 2 qualification (GCSE equivalent), recommended age 14+
  5. Gold- Level 3 qualification (A level equivalent), recommended age 16+, comes with UCAS points

Arts Award encourages all participants to try new arts, set targets to improve current skills and share arts experiences with others. From Bronze this is in the form of a leadership activity. Young people are also encouraged to learn about:

  • Different artists, what their jobs entail and how they became an artist.
  • Different arts organisations, what they do to support the arts and how this happens.
  • Becoming an audience member, how it feels to experience an arts event.
  • Silver and Gold students will also be encouraged to participate in work experience.

What is Arts Award Explore?

Arts Award Explore is split in to four parts:

  • Part A- Take part in the arts
  • Part B- Explore the work of artists and arts organisations
  • Part C- Create an artwork
  • Part D- Present your exploration

During Explore Afternoons the children will have the opportunity to take part in numerous arts activities. We will also be inviting special guests to come, meet the children and share their experiences in their chosen art form. The children will complete a Minack Theatre, Arts Award Explore logbook, where they will compile all their experiences from Explore Afternoons. They will then share these experiences with each other, Minack staff, their friends and family.

At the end of the Explore Afternoons the logbooks will be collected and assessed by The Minack’s Arts Award Advisors:

  • Kim Nicholls
  • John Brolly
  • Kat Loder

A sample of the logbooks will then be sent to Trinity College, London where the sample will be moderated.

The children will receive a Minack goodie bag on completion, then will later receive an official Trinity College, Arts Award Explore accredited certificate through the post, their logbooks will also be returned through the post

It is strongly advised that your child has completed the Arts Award Discover course before embarking on their Arts Award Explore journey. Recommended age of participants is 9+

For more information email [email protected]