This Is The Kit

presented by The Cornish Bank 19th May 2023 3:00pm

The Cornish Bank in Falmouth is becoming well known for a diverse and packed programme of music and events. But those big granite walls are not enough to contain them - they’re on tour again, this time headed for the blue seas of Porthcurno at the Minack Theatre.

They are delighted to present This Is The Kit, the pseudonym of songwriter/banjo strummer/pinhole camera lover/ Winchester born, Paris dweller Kate Stables, who is making albums of cataclysmic honesty and welcoming tonal embraces. This Is The Kit's music places companionship at a premium, so being welcomed into its space feels like an obvious privilege, on record and in concert hall with her stellar supporting cast of Rozi Plain (bass), Jamie Whitby-Coles (drums) and Neil Smith (guitar).

Acutely sensitive to the pulses and currents of life”, look to This Is The Kit to spend at least one day of your week this year, as joyful survival and an act of time very well wasted!