Solstice Stories

presented by Scary Little Girls 21st Dec 2022 12:30pm

 by L.H. Trevail, Bec Applebee & Anna Maria Murphy

Performed by Bec Applebee, Jenny Beare, Shazz Andrew, Rebecca Mordan, Johanne Murdock and Rosie Ede

On the solstice, follow performers from Scary Little Girls around the majestic Minack theatre as they read you specially commissioned stories about Cornish heroines of witchery and myth. Enjoy the words of Cornish favourites like Anna Maria Murphy and LH Trevail and uncover new gems, all performed from the stage, balcony and backstage hidey holes of Cornwall's most magical venue.

Solstice Stories join a live audience at the Minack or watch the stories streamed for online viewing in the cosy comfort of your home.

What is the Mayven?

“Even though the festival features women, it certainly isn’t exclusive to them “ explains Rebecca Mordan, artistic director of Scary Little Girls. “We want everyone to get involved as the artists in our Radical Rep use wit and wisdom to pay special honour to the Mayven and Cornish creativity” 

“A Mayven is, when independent of guardians and fee of dependants, a woman is at her most magnetic, sexy and powerful. How long does it last? Until the woman herself is ready to enter old age. We believe it’s time to celebrate it!”

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