Love's Labour's Lost

by William Shakespeare 22 Jul 2024 - 25 Jul 2024
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presented by Stamford Shoestring Theatre

Stamford Shoestring Theatre presents one of Shakespeare’s most beguiling comedies. Full of drive and energy, Love’s Labour’s Lost warns of the dangers of suppressing one’s natural instincts.

The King of Navarre and three companions swear an oath to study and to create ‘a little academe’ which will be the ‘wonder of the world’. They must go into retreat for three years and give up worldly pleasures - including women.

When a Princess arrives with her ladies-in-waiting, the whole scheme is placed in jeopardy. Human nature is soon at war with high-minded ideals.

The intrigues of the court are intermingled with the antics of some memorable characters, including a polished courtier, a pompous schoolmaster, a timid curate, a dim-witted constable and two sex-crazed villagers – not forgetting a fantastical Spaniard and his irreverent page.

The stage is set for comedy and a party-atmosphere prevails until the reality of existence and its transitory nature reminds us that nothing lasts forever. The story has one of the most beautiful endings in all Shakespeare.

Hailed by former Guardian drama critic Michael Billington as one of the greatest plays ever written, Love’s Labour’s Lost is Shakespeare at his most lyrical and shows the full flower of his genius for the first time.