What's in the Box?

15 Jan 2022, 10:00am

Can you take on the challenge and create a fully staged play in a few hours, using nothing but your imagination and a brilliant idea? 

Working in small groups with a professional director you will create a unique piece of theatre and then perform it to your friends and families at the end of the day.

Each play in a day has a different theme and is suitable for a specific age group. There is no limit to the number of days you can sign up to as long as the person you are registering is in the correct age range. Plays in a day are all free of charge to participants.

We advise you to wear comfortable clothing and shoes and to bring a packed lunch and a water bottle.

What’s in the Box?
Saturday 15 January
Start time 10am - performance 2.30pm
(Open to children in Years 1 and 2)
Come and explore what may be in the box? Work with your director to unravel the mystery of what may be in the box! Please bring lunch and a water bottle.