Theatre & Gardens Visit

Advance Booking Only 21 Oct 2020, 10:00am

Visiting the Minack is an experience like no other.  As you arrive, you step out onto the top of a deep semicircle of stone and concrete terracing.  The stage flanked with pillars and arches and patterned with pastel hexagons lies far below down winding paths that weave through beds of exotic plants.  And behind all this is a tumble of rocks and the breath-taking expanse of sea and sky.

Wander through the lush gardens, stand on the stage and look up at the serried rows of seating climbing up to the sky, explore the backstage paths and gaze into the deep chasm of the Zawn.   Examine the many carvings and decorations created in the concrete structures and seats by one woman with a rusty screwdriver.  Or just sit and drink in the sea view where gannets dive, seals bob their heads from the water and you may even see dolphins, choughs or other species of our rich coastal wildlife.   

If you'd like to hear a short introduction to the theatre on your phone, look for the QR code signs inside the theatre.

Some of your questions answered

Why are there no morning or afternoon visiting slots on some days?

If there are no visiting slots available then it means there is a performance on stage during the morning or afternoon. Parking and access to the theatre gardens is included in the price of the performance ticket.

I want to book a visit but the date on the calendar is greyed out.

Dates that are highlighted in green on the calendar currently have visiting slots available.  If the date on the calendar is grey, then it means that all visits on that day are already sold.

Please note that tickets are only valid for the date and time shown.  They cannot be used for admission at other times or dates (except for readmission - see below).

November visitor tickets must be booked from the What's On page


What if I miss my arrival time, can I still get in?

You can arrive at any time during the 30 minute slot you have booked.

If you have made an advance booking but arrive outside the 30 minute time slot, admission will be at the discretion of the team managing the theatre capacity.

What if I book an advance ticket but am unable to visit on the day?

If you have a valid admission ticket but have been unable to use it, you will still be eligible for free readmission within 12 months (subject to booking another time slot in advance).   

What if I’m unwell?

If you or anyone in your household is unwell, please do not visit the Minack.  Your admission ticket makes you eligible for free readmission within 12 months. 

Can I put my name on a waiting list for a ticket?

We regret that there are no waiting lists for visitor or performance tickets.