Starcrazy - Pencarrow

Pencarrow House 10 Aug 2021, 8:00pm

A Cosmic Comedy Touring the Great Outdoors 

October 1957: the world lives in fear of nuclear Armageddon,  UFOs are cropping up everywhere, MI5 is on high alert and Stanley is building something in his garden shed.  

He may live in suburbia but, in his mind, Stanley is voyaging through outer space. He hopes to make contact with other life forms. His neighbour, Gwen, thinks he should be exploring the unknown much closer to home... 

A comedy about obsession and the rekindling of love, hope and possibility.  

Written & Directed by Bill Scott, Original Music by Tom Adams 

“Truly Fabulous! Perfect example of what live outdoor theatre should be all about!” Audience feedback 

Established in 1979, Miracle is an award winning Cornish Theatre Company. 

Miracle’s outdoor productions have become a ‘must do’ summer activity. 

Their witty and inventive performances take place against the extraordinary backdrops of Cornwall & beyond. 

What Audiences have said about past Miracle productions: 

 'Brilliantly bonkers!'  2016

‘Sheer delight and always kicks off our summer with great gusto!’ 2019

‘My whole little family smiled and laughed out loud’  2017

‘Fabulous memories to treasure’  2016

'How many sleeps until the next one?' Audience Member age 7 2012

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Pencarrow House

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This is a grassy venue.  If social distancing is in place at the time of performance, seating will be provided for you.  However, if social distancing no longer applies, you will be able to bring your own cushions and picnic rugs.