The Greenhouse

Trebah 2021 Event Season 2 Sep 2021 - 3 Sep 2021
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A magical journey into the senses of plants.

Did you know that plants can see? That plants can hear? That they can feel you?

Come and join Peppina Pimpernell and Benno the gardener on the magical journey into the senses of plants. Using dance, spoken word, science and installation the two performers introduce their young audience to basic plant biology, exploring some of the wonderful things that plants are capable of doing. The show is designed  to spark children’s imagination but at the same time awakening sensitivity and empathy to plants and their senses.  The show will be performed in the heart of the garden In a pop-up greenhouse.

This piece is performed in a pop-up greenhouse/polytunnel in the garden. See diagram belowfor details.

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