Taking Part

The Minack Theatre exists to 
promote live theatre and one of the most important ways of doing that – alongside a full programme of
 drama – is to encourage young people to take part. We run a growing programme of skills workshops led by our Associate Director, local actor and teacher John Brolly. These enable local children to explore what it means to express themselves physcially and verbally and develop a live performance on the Minack stage.

Studying Shakespeare at school can leave students cold, but stepping onto the stage at the Minack is an excellent way of injecting the four hundred year-old words with vitality and humanity.

We also have our own Minack Youth Theatre which offers fun and creative activities for young people throughout the year.

Have you ever pictured yourself on the stage? If you’ve been inspired by a visit to the Minack, or to any theatre, come along on a Friday in the summer and help Mr. Macaulay recreate his favourite moments from ‘The Tempest’.


Why not find out about amateur theatre companies in your area? Most large towns and cities have at least one company, and most community theatres support a drama company too.

And don’t think you need to have ‘theatre in your blood’ to get involved. Companies are always on the look out for help with creating and managing props and scenery, technical areas liker sound and lighting, publicity and front- of-house management.