We are currently reviewing the way in which information (Company Notes, Tech Specs, Stage Dimensions etc.) is delivered to theatre companies that have been booked to perform at the Minack.

In the meantime, please e-mail any queries to [email protected]

Performing at the Minack

The Minack is a private charity receiving no Arts Council, Government, County or District Council grants. All companies virtually "take over" the Minack for their playing week and are sometime asked to provide a small FOH support team which operates alongside the Minack's own staff and under the guidance of the Minack's theatre management.

Performing at the Minack is by invitation. There are currently about 50 companies who perform regularly at the Minack, either on an annual, alternate year, or three yearly cycle. Our programme is very busy and companies are usually booked well over a year in advance.  We are not able to invite many new companies to play here in a season, but we do include fresh groups when the opportunity arises.

For their debut at the Minack, theatre companies are usually invited to accept a week early or late in the season, to enable them to get fully acquainted with the stage, lighting, sound, F.O.H. duties, publicity, etc.  To stage a production at this unique theatre is the ambition of many companies, but there are unique challenges in playing here.   An onsite walk about and discussion is essential before a company can be considered for inclusion in a future season.

We are willing to meet a representative team from a prospective Minack company, (perhaps director, lighting and sound technicians and some of the actors).  It is possible to arrange for a reconnaissance and discussion at most times of the year but we recommend you visit during the season so that you may see a performance and perhaps get some firsthand advice from the company playing that week.

An offer of a place in a Minack season is always subject to agreement on the choice of production.