Stones In His Pockets - photo Lynn batten

Stones In His Pockets

5 - 15 August SOLD OUT

Bec Applebee and Richard Trethewey playing instruments on a seawall


10 August SOLD OUT

Educating Rita Poster image

Willy Russell's Educating Rita

18 -30 August SOLD OUT

Black and white portrait of Ruth Wall with her concert harp

Ruth Wall

31 August

Old fashioned movie signboard announcing Mischief Movie Night

Mischief Movie Night

2 - 6 September

The Fisherman's Friends performing on the platt at Port Isaac

Fisherman's Friends

7 September SOLD OUT

Bec Applebee as Mary on a sailing ship

'Oh Mary!'

9 - 12 September

Portrait Seth Lakeman with fiddle

Seth Lakeman (SOLO)

13 - 14 September SOLD OUT

The Last Five Years - two young people cuddling on a bench

The Last Five Years

15 - 19 September

Simon Latarche at the piano

Simon Latarche Trio

21 September

Cartoon image of Mr Toad driving a fast sports car

The Wind In the Willows

22 - 26 September