Chris Jagger Trio – May 16

May 16, 2018 @ 7:30 pm
All tickets £18

Chris, David and Elliet have toured across Europe from Madrid to Copenhagen with their trio show which features individual tunes, harmonies and great fiddle playing. Their repertoire includes many of Chris’s songs, Cajun tunes and the odd Hank Williams number to go along with the entertainment. It’s a lively and thoughtful set to entertain and enjoy.

Chris’s career has spanned many fields in the artistic spectrum, from clothes design and theatre to journalism. He appeared in repertory at The Citizen’s Theatre in Glasgow (his first play there was with one Pierce Brosnan), Nottingham Playhouse and the ICA in London as well as in TV and film. He has written for various magazines and newspapers including The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, the Mail on Sunday and Rolling Stone.

His first records were made during the 1970’s for David Geffen of Asylum in Los Angeles and he toured the USA and the UK. He revitalised his song writing in the late 1980’s after a long break and helped brother Mick out on the Stones acclaimed albums ‘Dirty Work’ and then later ‘Steel Wheels’.

David Hatfield is the bass player , One of the UK’s most respected bass players, David began playing bluegrass in 1967 with the Morris Boys and became the resident double bassist on several BBC Radio Shows and the Cambridge Folk Festival from 1977 to 1995.He has since played and toured with an a host of bluegrass legends including: Mac Wiseman, Jerry Douglas, Mark O’Connor, Bill Keith, Jim Rooney, Peter Rowan, Flaco Jimenez, Arlo Guthrie, Tex Logan, Greg Douglas, Gordon Titcomb, Rose Maddox, Don Stover, Bill Clifton, Orrin Star, Pete Sayers, Jim Couza, Ben Waters, Diz Watson, Pete Stanley, Ced Thorose, Roger Knowles, Malcolm Price, Brian Golbey and the Kursaal Flyers.

Elliet Mackrell
Classically trained on violin, she also performs folk-based music from Ireland, Europe etc, and was a founding member of seminal Australian touring group Kangaroo Moon with whom she still plays fiddle and didgeridoo, as well as many other instruments on on some UK gigs. At gigs she can bring along a range of effects to enhance the sound of the didgeridoo.Violin, Whistles, Trumpet.