Journey’s End – Jun 18 to 22

June 18, 2018 @ 8:00 pm
Adult: £14/£10 - Under 16: £7/£5

Idealism is tested in the simmering cauldron of WW1 as a young enthusiastic officer is posted to the Trenches. When the youthful Raleigh begins to notice changes in his schoolboy hero Captain Stanhope, relationships are challenged and difficult decisions have to be made. This masterpiece of suspense draws you in immediately and then builds to a dramatic finale.

It’s a play about how we all cope when faced with incredible struggle, about friendship, and ultimately about the vulnerabilities within us all. With both its sweeping scale and focussed stage, The Minack provides an ideal setting for this dramatic yet intimate play.

With cube’s reputation for powerful plays, this promises a new take on an enduring classic.