Dick Barton Special Agent

Theatr Silures invites you to a radio broadcasting station where six actors and a grumpy sound engineer are gathered to record the latest thrilling episode of ‘Dick Barton Special Agent’.

What follows is an audacious, outrageously entertaining romp; an exercise in silliness, anachronism, excess and tomfoolery which only just walks the line between homage and camp spoof.

Using what can be found lying around the recording studio floor, this talented company weaves a world of intrigue from a Berlin nightclub to the clock face of Big Ben. Dick Barton faces arch enemies Baron Scarheart and Marta Heartburn in a quest to rid the world of evil in the name of decency and patriotism.

The proudly Welsh company who brought you their bold and bawdy adaptation of ‘Under Milk Wood’ promises you’ll love Dick.