The Minack Gardens

Rowena Cade landscaped the cliffs below Minack House to create the theatre, but the gardens visitors see today at the Minack have been achieved through the vision and hard work of local gardeners, Niall and Jill Milligan.

They have used their skills to transform the cliff into a nationally-acclaimed coastal garden featuring well established, mature plants from around the world.

Here you’ll find rare plants that are more usually seen in the Canary Islands, South Africa, Mexico or the Andes, including aeoniums, aloes, silver trees and birds of paradise. At the very top of the theatre, the upper gardens are home to echiums, lampranthus and irises.

Agave Americana

Agave Americana

Despite salt spray, gales, damp and foggy winters and baking summers, the Minack gardens now cover over an acre of planting and provide something to see in every season.

“Niall & Jill Milligan have created a pioneering garden worthy of Rowena Cade’s own imaginative leap: a feast of succulents, cacti and other drought tolerant species, interspersed with vivid blasts of bulbs and herbaceous perennials”.
BBC Gardens Illustrated Magazine.